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Intelligent manufacturing, we have what kind of tool thinking
With the acceleration of the global intelligent process, the traditional components and parts companies have brought great impact and challenge. Whether from intelligent manufacturing, lean production, or from the strategic layout of the future point of view, the traditional parts companies will face an innovation and transformation. China many excellent parts enterprises in intelligent manufacturing has been on the intelligent process -
FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory (hereinafter referred to as "Xichai") "smart manufacturing production line with the German GROB machine tools, Swiss ABB robot, the United States GORBEL and other world's top equipment, set flexible, integrated and automated in one. Chai automation assembly line has 179 stations, the entire line automation rate of 28%; 6DM machine line 60 processes, automation rate as high as 78% .In addition, Xichai also proposed "2 - 3 years to reduce operating costs 20 %, Product development cycle shortened by 20%, Health and Ashtore introduced the modular concept in the production line, to achieve the controller, pneumatic door and other components of the standardized operation and flexible use of the production line.
Fast introduced the concept of modularity in the production line to realize the standardized operation of controllers, pneumatic doors and other components and the flexible use of production lines. With the latest automatic assembly cantilever line, Fast combines industrial automation, communications, intelligent robots, fixed torsion tightening, information control, testing and many other technologies to automate the assembly of multiple stations. In the meantime, Fast develops cloud-based technologies, monitors and manages all smart robots and production line data for network operation, realizes background operations, adjusts robot case data, and compares information across plants.
With the first Smartest product line in operation, the number of online workers has been reduced from 17 to 7, with a maximum of 450 products per day up to now 750; production efficiency has been increased by 40% and product consistency has been further assured . In addition, Fast Automatic Cantilever Line put into use, a qualified packing rate increased by 3%, assembly line capacity increased by 25%, 27% of floor area savings, effectively reducing the labor intensity of workers, significantly enhance the product assembly automation and intelligence Level
 "Intelligent Manufacturing" is positioned as the main direction of manufacturing in China. The intelligent transformation of manufacturing equipment in machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, light industry, textile, foodstuffs, electronics and other industries is the top priority in the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in the future. Tool as an industrial tooth, in terms of intelligent manufacturing, what does it mean? In terms of intelligent manufacturing, our existing tool mode and what needs to be changed?
       What is intelligent manufacturing? According to Baidu Encyclopedia explanation, intelligent manufacturing is a man-machine integrated intelligence system composed of intelligent machines and human experts, which can carry out intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making. Work together through the cooperation of people and intelligent machines to expand, extend and partially replace the brain work of human experts in the manufacturing process. It extends the concept of manufacturing automation to be flexible, intelligent and highly integrated. What does intelligent manufacturing mean for cutters?
 What does intelligent manufacturing mean for the tool? Intelligent manufacturing means that the machining of machines, fixtures, workpieces, machining allowances, precision and surface quality requirements during machining by intelligent machines and our human experts, cutting Liquid and so on a variety of conditions analysis, reasoning, judgments, so as to select a reasonable tool for processing tasks. The scope of this choice covers all the components of the blade, the shank, the pull stud, etc., and even the various attachments such as the blade screw, the screwdriver, and the lubricant, and intelligently selects the appropriate initial processing speed and other processing specifications to decide Using what kind of processing strategy, and even determine whether such processing parameters and processing strategy is reasonable, know the chip is normal, predict the wear and tear and the approximate timing of tool failure, issued a timely manner to the machine or system tool change instructions to maintain the cutting Economically and safely run.
Intelligent CNC machine manufacturing machinery has become the mainstream of the processing plant and other industries, the general small CNC machining shop with as many as 1,000 tools, coupled with its supporting components and parts, the total of tens of thousands, hundreds of varieties. As the number and type of knives increase sharply, both standard and non-standard knives of various types and sizes in the production workshop coexist, and a large number of knives frequently flow and exchange between the tool warehouse and the machine and machine equipment. At present, the domestic processing workshops rely on manual methods and paper barcode management tools. Paper bar codes are easily defaced in greasy environments, and tool life can only be judged by experience. Due to the lack of tools, resulting in a lot of processing stops, machine operators spend a lot of time looking for tools.
 We can see how our experts now choose their knives: They mostly observe the state of the chip by sensing the vibration of the machine tool and listening to the cutting sound by sticking it on the machine tool, and then make the machining status in combination with other observed conditions Basic judgments, future tool selection will be handled in a similar way with smart devices, just as many automotive plants are now being developed driverless cars, the installation of multiple sensors on the machine tool to sense the state of the machine when cutting , So as to help us choose knife more correctly.
Of course, there are many ways to go to this step. But these are only peripheral conditions. For our tool industry, we need to know exactly where our tools are suitable for use, which ones require changes to our tools, what machining parameters and machining strategies do our tools use under all conditions How to use the best accuracy, how to use the best life expectancy, how to use the best stability, etc.).
These are extremely scarce aspects of our domestic tool shop, and what we lack is the philosophy of serving our customers.
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