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How to improve the machining precision of CNC lathe
There are machine parts in terms of adjustment to improve the accuracy of CNC lathe processing
First, to study how to improve the accuracy of CNC lathe machining from the mechanical adjustment. In the machine adjustment mainly include these parts, the spindle, the bed there are bars and so on, so as to enable the lathe to meet the requirements and improve the accuracy of CNC lathe machining, but also in the work process to be monitored regularly, and to continue to optimize Lack of lathe in order to promptly adjust the production of better products. This is the simplest and easiest way to increase the machining accuracy of a CNC lathe. This type of adjustment does not require good technology, but requires staff to carry out inspections from time to time to make adjustments.
Second, it is the improvement in electromechanical joint adjustment. To improve the processing accuracy of the parts, it is mainly improved in terms of reverse deviation, positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy. In terms of reverse bias, we should first make a correction by mechanical manual when the deviation is too large, and then make further optimization in a professional manner after the error is within a certain range. In the adjustment of the positioning accuracy of the degree through the microscope to continuously optimize the error. Optimized electromechanical coupling in these areas is one of the most efficient of these methods. Although it will be more complicated but the effect is better.
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Thirdly, this is done through electrical adjustments. There are mainly two aspects to this adjustment. One is the adjustment of the machine parameters. In this respect, there are two other aspects that affect the machining accuracy: system gain and Locating the dead zone, in terms of system gain, we are concerned about the lathe's mechanical damping and the rotational inertia that affect the lathe's machining accuracy. There is a dead zone to minimize positioning, so you can improve the accuracy of lathe operation. These two aspects are mutually reinforcing to be adjusted at the same time. Another aspect is that it can be adjusted through some system applications. Due to the continuous improvement of automation, the CNC lathe is automatically and remotely controlled during operation. Therefore, we need to enter a series of monitoring programs during remote control This eliminates the need for excessive manual intervention, which allows for more efficient monitoring and control of the set-up through the program, which can then improve the accuracy of lathe machining. The company is located in:

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