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2018CCTE exhibitors big release

At the beginning of the new year, sail sail, new vitality will also come. Opening of the first machine tool feast - 2018CCTE China Tool Show and the Fifth Shanghai International Cutting Tools and Equipment Exhibition, will be held March 7-10 at the National Exhibition Center · Shanghai Grand, a strong hand CME China Machine Tool Show!

Exhibitors to send the second song
Shenzhen Haizhou CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd.


  Haizhou is currently China's cemented carbide tool manufacturing industry enjoys a reputation and well-known real one, the company's products are milling, hole machining, machining, precision tool holders and other high-precision tool.
Guohong Tools System (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Guodong company has a whole carbide hole machining tool production line, welding blade production line and PCD tool production line, and set up a research, applied research as one of the R & D center.
Lions New Material Co., Ltd.


Nanotechnology, the high strength, high hardness, low coefficient of friction, low coefficient of thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, insulation and other complex and diverse characteristics of a variety of materials synthesized in a coating, is the latest in the material world revolution. In response to the challenge of modern tools, satisfied Lion has developed a unique ShRL four-layer tool coating system.
Sumitomo Electric


ASP GROUP specializes in Sumitomo Electric's various products ranging from cemented carbide blank materials to Sumitomo Electric cutting tools, as well as Japan ATOM ultra-small diameter drill bits, YUKIWA precision clamps, SINFONIA clutch brakes, United States UNIVERSAL laser engraving and cutting machine.
Henan Sifang Superhard Materials Co., Ltd.


The company is the only domestic composite super-hard materials industry, a listed company, tool products used in aerospace, military, automotive, electronics, precision manufacturing and other processing technology industries, and has the world's most advanced laser machine Irvine laser, hydraulic valve Body program achieved excellent results.
Heng Fung Tools Co., Ltd.


    Heng Feng has a world-class professional processing equipment, heat treatment equipment more than 500 sets, measuring instruments more than 30 sets, of which imported advanced precision CNC grinding equipment and more than 100 sets of equipment. To complete the cutting solution and service system to meet customer needs.
       Focus on cutting-edge technology industry, leading the trend of innovation and development, this is an unprecedented grand gathering, this is a professional exchange exchange procurement platform, which is more a tool and machine friction blend! Exhibition Union, a feast you will not regret it, 2018CCTE China Tool Show, March 7-10 National Convention Center · Shanghai (Hall 4.1), and so are you!